Fashion Tips

Hello everyone! I know, I know, it’s been a while since my last post, and I do truly apologize! I know this is no excuse, but I’ve been super busy lately; it’s that time of Senior year, yah know? I thought I’d do a quick little post on my top fashion tips to maybe help some of you feel more comfortable with exploring your style! Also look forward to a favorites video I will definitely be filming very soon!(;

1. Always have bright accessories!

I know I’m not the only one that’s on the neutral side of the fashion spectrum when it comes to color in my clothing. As much as I love to experiment with fun patterns and crazy colors, black and white always call me back to where I belong. Due to my love for the colorless colors, I try and opt for pops of color in my accessories. When wearing a very simple outfit, a hunter green cross-body will pop SO much more than a plain black bag, and believe me; they’re much more versatile than you might think!

2. Don’t be scared to multiply

No, we’re not talking algebra right now. What I mean is, if you find a piece that flatters you, what the heck! Buy MORE of it! I definitely have some of my favorite clothing items and styles in multiple colors. If it looks good and feels good, I say immerse yourself in it honey! Just think of all the sheath dresses Jackie Kennedy owned, and that women is a fashion icon!

3. Throw on a scarf

Honestly, they’re hands down one of the best accessories and they come in an array of colors, sizes, and textures! If you ever feel like your plain white tee needs to be spiced up, don’t forget to think of those scarfs sitting in your closet… or the corner of your room, I get it, it happens.

4. Make yourself look cute when you go shopping

This might sound silly, but trust me, when you’re feeling yourself, you’re gonna be feeling all those clothes too! When you feel fabulous you’re going to be standing in front of that mirror in the dressing room looking at your butt multiple times and it’s 100% okay. It’ll definitely give you more motivation to expand your fashion horizon and try on more things when you’re feeling happy with yourself.

5. Layer your necklaces

No statement necklace? No problem! I personally prefer this over the one big statement necklace and adore layering my jewelry. Coco Chanel’s more is more totally applies here and should never be forgotten. This is another great way to spice up any outfit whether you’re layering only simple silver pieces or edgy and femme pieces.

6. Go for the nude pumps

When you’re running late, or just don’t know how to complete an outfit, reach for those nude pumps girl! Make sure to match your skin tone and you’ll have a pair of shoes that will go with almost any outfit! They’re super stylish and make your legs look longer.

7. Mix your prints

I know it’s scary, and I know it takes practice, but I’m here for you and you can do it. Mixing patterns can create amazing outfits and it’s definitely something I tend to do. Some of my favorites are stripes with polka dots and stripes with floral print.

8. Pair loose with tight

I’m all about the head to toe baggy look, in fact it is one of my favorite things to do, but on some people it just doesn’t work. Mixing baggy and tight however will work for everyone, and that is what leggings were technically made for people!

9. Photograph your outfits

This one is honestly a life saver for me. Every time I think of an outfit at home, I stop what I’m doing and lay it out so that I can take a picture on my phone. This way when I’m in the need of an outfit but have a mental block, I can just look into my photos and thank my past self.

10. Layer that button up!

If you want to put a sweater on top of a button up, make sure to layer! If you put a tight fitting tank top on top of the button up, it will make you look less frumpy underneath the sweater and will cover the appearance of the buttons.

That’s all I have for now, although I’m sure there’s more I just can’t think of right now and 10 is a good number. Hope this helps some of you out!

xoxo, Caroline


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