Fall Trends 2015

Fall has just been upon us for a few days, but I have already observed some common trends on the streets of New York and also on the runway. Not to flatter myself or anything, but I definitely called most of these *flips hair*. Fall fashion is definitely one of my favorite things so I understand if these items make you emotional because I definitely got overly excited for this post.

1. All Things Plaid

Let’s face it, plaid will never NOT be a trend during the fall time; but hey I’m not mad about it! There’s nothing I love more than a good flannel, but this fall try getting a plaid skort, dress, or poncho! Yes… I do have all those things, guilty as charged; I’m a sucker for a tartan print! I feel like plaid just adds a cozy feel to fall fashion and will always be timeless!


2. Bling

There was a period of time when the trend for jewelry was minimal and dainty, but now it’s all about the statement pieces with the most sparkle and femininity! Although I’m not a huge jewelry person, I do appreciate some glitz from time to time. Also, your grandma’s brooches will totally be in right now!

3. Turtlenecks

I know you’re thinking, uhm no, I do not want to look like my mom in the 80’s, but trust me on this one. Turtlenecks made their official comeback around this time last year, and this fall they are all the rage. You can just about find any top or dress with a turtleneck, and I personally LOVE the look. It adds a bit of sophistication and is totally chic!

4. Ponchos

One of my personal favorites this fall. I remember wearing these all the time when I was little; then they were probably bright pink or blue with flowers, but now I’m more black, gray, and white, with maybe some plaid mixed in. Nonetheless ponchos are all in for the fall and I am all for it!

5. Flares

With the 70’s being super trendy right now, there’s no surprise that flared jeans are everywhere! I’m still looking for the perfect pair to fit my 5’2 figure correctly, but I do recommend you pick yourself up a pair right away! They’re super boho chic, and will slim down your legs; especially if you wear them with some healed boots or wedges.

6. Loafers

Oh yeah, the female loafer is totally a thing right now, and my mom and I actually picked up matching fabulous pairs of black ones that make me feel like Audrey Hepburn. I feel like these shoes make you look smart yet chic, kind of like putting on a snazzy pair of glasses. The great thing about loafers is they can easily be used for anything whether its a day in the office or a night out on the town!

7. High Waist Line

The high-waisted trend has been in for quite some time now and it is stronger than ever! All you see in the city is high-waisted jeans, skirts, shorts, culottes, you name it! Also, they make your waist look super tiny and also elongate those legs!!

8. Fringe

Definitely another favorite, combining some boho chic and cowboy feels. Fringe adds lovely texture to an outfit and is definitely something worth flooding your closet with.

9. Culottes

These are like the midi’s of skirts and dresses and I’m obsessed. I’ve seen these all over campus and the city this fall and it literally makes me want to rack up on them. Also, let’s talk about perfect transition piece! I know it’s hard to find a pair for us short girls out there, I understand your pain, but it’s definitely possible, and the hunt is worth it!

10. Chunky Black Boots

Finally we have these babies. Black is always seen to be more of a trend in the cooler months, but this year especially I have seen countless pairs of black boots and every single one of them has been fire. This trend is perfect for fall, because black matches with everything so your outfit will be almost effortless!

xoxo, Caroline


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