Adding Texture

Spring is just around the corner and Fashion Week has showed us that texture sure is a big thing this upcoming season! Whether it’s the fringe from Proenza Schouler, the ruffles from Parabal Gurung, the scallops from Honor, or the suede from Derek Lam; textures and prints are everywhere! A lot of the times we just stick to our regular circle skirts, skater dresses, and booties, but adding a bit of texture changes an outfit so much and adds a little bit of flare! Here are some ways to spice up your spring wardrobe while also keeping up with Fashion Week Spring 2015!

1. Suede

One of my personal favorites, and a lot easier than you might think! Suede boots and be found just about anywhere, and compliment almost any outfit. What really catches my eye are suede skirt, I ADORE them. I feel like they’re a bit un expected, yet so cute and add a little something to any outfit.

2. Lace

Lace has been a big contender during Fashion Week, being seen in such shows as Valentino and Oscar de la Renta. Not only lace, but bridal lace. Many shows have presented white dresses that have a bit of a bridal feel and are covered in lace! I love lace and think it adds a lovely feminine feel. Another way that you can easily slip lace into an ensemble is by wearing a lace bralette! (One of my favorite clothing pieces, if you couldn’t already tell by the name of this blog, I literally live in these things!)


3. Fringe

This might not be everyone’s style, and I can’t lie, I don’t own THAT much of it, but fringe definitely is a big texture statement. My favorite way to incorporate fringe is with boots. They add a bit of a bohemian western feel which I love! Kimonos are also another great summer piece that go hand in hand with fringe!

4. Ruffles

Don’t panic! Ruffles don’t always mean, that dress you wore on your 5th birthday party. They can be chic! Although it’s hard to conquer at times, a slight ruffle in a dress or a skirt can do no harm. If Parabal Gurung says it’s okay, then it is okay.

5. Scallops

No, not the kind you eat. Scalloped clothing has definitely been one of my favorite trends and I think it’s absolutely perfect for the spring time! I like incorporating blouses with scalloped hem lines into my outfits! It’s very subtle but surely has an impact! I also have to add in scalloped shorts as a favorite too! I think they’re super cute and feel so fun!

There you go loves! These are just a few examples on how to incorporate more texture into your wardrobe, but obviously the possibilities are endless. No matter what you do with your style, the most important thing is to stay true to yourself!! Hope this gave you a little motivation or inspiration(:

xoxo, Caroline


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