10 Things to be Happy About Pt. 3

You know what, writing these lists just makes me happy in itself. I hope it’s just as much of a reminder for you as it is for me that there are so many little things that we might take for granted. Happiness isn’t always easy to obtain but once you have it, it’s something that you’ll never let go. Also forgive me for disappearing for a little bit, I’m not one to give excuses so I don’t expect you to take them but I was just preoccupied with numerous other things. I promise that I am back on track with my regular posting schedule!

1. Long walks

I love walking. When it’s warmer out I try going outside and just walking to appreciate everything around me and to clear my mind. Long walks are a great form of stress relief and are sometimes even better with a friend. I could honestly walk for miles without getting bored. Every time I go down the shore for the week, I take walks every single night with a friend from were I stay, to the end of the boardwalk and back and it’s one of the things that makes every fiber of me burst with joy.

2. Baby animals

Does this one even need an explanation? Come on, you can confess it, I know that no one can prevent themselves from pouting their lips and letting out an ‘awww’ at the sight of a little piglet. Although I of course love animals no matter what, there’s something about baby animals that especially warms your heart. Just imagine a little puppy prancing towards you and rolling over… it’s okay I’m feeling something right now just thinking about it too.

3. Someone remembering little things

I know everyone talks about “appreciating the little things” and at this point it might sound like a cliche, but honestly you guys, my heart grows three sizes every time someone remembers something about me that I didn’t expect them too. It just makes me so happy when I hear someone say “I remember you saying that you liked this.” or “I got you this because of that one time…” I don’t think anyone will ever know how much something like that means to me.

4. Sunsets

They might as well be a form of magic because no matter how many times I see one I want to document it in every shape and form. The beautiful colors that paint the sky every single day will never seize to amaze me.

5. Random dancing

This might sound a little silly, but I honestly believe that there is no wrong time to dance. Don’t fight me on this. Dancing plays a big part in my life, and incorporating it wherever I can keeps life a little less serious. Try it sometime; just start dancing at any random given time and you’ll see how it automatically lightens your mood! It’s one of the best medicines.

6. Furiously scratching a mosquito bite

You probably wouldn’t have thought about this yourself but now that you’re reading it, you can’t tell me that you don’t agree. Although mosquito bites aren’t fun, especially if you’re allergic to them, scratching them with no mercy is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. It’s such a relieving feeling, and right after you’re done you just let out a big sigh of relief.

7. Eating a taco with nothing falling out

I’m definitely that person that overfills their tacos and usually has everything falling out, having to finish it with a fork. With that being said, those days where nothing leaves the taco shell makes me want to reward myself with something because it is definitely a challenge but feels so good.

8. The way someone looks at you

Time to get sentimental. I know it’s not really something a lot of people might pay attention to, but I do and think that everyone should as well. It makes my heart warm and fill with happiness when a certain person looks at me a certain way. I love when people make eye contact with me and I love when I catch someone I care about looking at me when I’m not necessarily supposed to.

9. Getting to the train station right on time

Now, I have a lot of experience with this especially since I commute into the city for class. I obviously know the train schedule, but nothing feels better than getting there right when the train does instead of having to wait.

10. Fresh sheets

You can’t tell me this doesn’t make you happy too. You can just feel the difference of jumping into a bed with fresh sheets. I love it, when in the warmer months my mom will hang the sheets outside to dry and then not only do they feel fresh but they also smell super fresh! I definitely fall asleep with a smile.

xoxo, Caroline


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