10 Things to be Happy About Pt. 2

I had this post scheduled for later in the month, but even happy people have bad days and I’ve definitely had a few rough days lately; writing these out really helped me smile and reminded me that although some things might not be going the way you want them to, other things make up for it. Hopefully this sheds some light into your bad days, because I’m so happy I decided to start this little series!

1. Boardwalks

Hands down, one of my favorite environments in the whole world. As many of you already know, being down the shore is where I truly feel at home, and boardwalks add to the magic. When I stay down the shore during the summer, I take walks every single night to the boardwalk and back simply because it makes me smile. I love just stealing glances at all the people, all the aged and classic rides mixed in with some of the newer ones, the constant smell of food that you can only experience on a boardwalk (although not usually vegan friendly, just kind of knowing it’s there makes me happy), and that lovely Wildwood tramcar.

2. Having time to make a yummy breakfast

I absolutely adore knowing I have nothing planned early in the day, and can take my time making a delicious breakfast. Usually when I’m on the go and busy, I’ll make a quick smoothie, juice, or some effortless oatmeal/cereal, but nothing’s better than really having the time to make a stack of warm pancakes, a Instagram worthy smoothie bowl, or stove cooked oatmeal. It’s the perfect ingredient for the start of an amazing day.

3. Watching a Disney movie

You’re lying if you say you don’t do it and don’t enjoy it. Whether it makes you feel like a child again, takes you to another world, or just graces you with that Disney magic, you know there’s nothing better that snuggling up on your couch and playing a classic Disney movie. My friend and I used to watch Disney movies in school on Netflix any chance we got and they were some of our best memories. Although its quite hard to choose, some of my favorites are Lilo and Stitch(my number one), The Aristocats, Mulan, The Princess and the Frog, and Tarzan.

4. Waking up and being home alone

Some people might not enjoy this, and as much as I love my parents, there’s just something about waking up to an empty house that I can’t get over. It just gives me this great feeling of having more time to myself without worrying about anyone else getting in my way or creating conversation. There’s just something so peaceful and comforting of the only interaction in your house being from the sunlight coming through your window to wake you up.

5. Halloween

Everyone I know, knows that Halloween is my favorite holiday hands down. I always decorate my room for the fall/ Halloween season and always get very upset when I have to take it down. Halloween is my favorite day of the year and makes me feel like I’m living in my own little movie. I never let myself have a bad day on Halloween no matter what the circumstances are, I just refuse. It’s just so spell bounding and so much fun! Honestly, I just want to live in Halloweentown so.

6. Burning Candles

If you’ve watched my candle collection video,  then you know I’m maybe obsessed with candles. I feel like burning candles adds so much to an atmosphere, especially when it has a very cozy scent… can a scent be cozy? Is that a thing? Oh well, now it is. I feel like I turn to candles no matter what mood I’m in. They just make everything better.

7. Getting a package

Whether it’s something you ordered for yourself or something somebody sent you, there’s nothing better than receiving a package. It’s like a little Christmas present in the middle of the year. Sometimes I purposely don’t pay attention to the expected arrival time of my packages so when they come, I have an unexpected surprise on my doorstep!

8. The smell of a bookstore

Please tell me you know what I’m taking about. Bookstores have a distinct smell, and as soon as I walk into one, it automatically enhances my mood. And don’t even get me started on old book smell; oh man! The smell of bookstores honestly adds to the whole atmosphere so much in the best way possible.

9. New school supplies

I think there’s a five year old living somewhere inside me, because when it comes time to get new supplies for the school year, I get so excited. You can’t tell me that I’m not the only one that rages Staples and Target towards the end of August looking for all the cute stuff. Even though I’m in college now, this stuff still gets me going! I always love DIY’ing my school supplies to make it my own, and of course buying colorful pens every year is a must!!

10. Leaving the windows open all day

I love those days that aren’t hot but aren’t too cold, where I can open the windows and have the slight breeze come through all day long. It adds such a freshness to the rooms in my house and just has such a nice refreshing scent. Sometimes you might not have anywhere to go, but if you’re not up for going outside for a walk and enjoying the air, you can at least open the windows and get the lovely feeling of the breeze that way!

xoxo, Caroline


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